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Industrial Coatings, Platings and Insulators

Advanced Technology for Your Products

Honeywell has decades of experience developing materials for the extreme temperatures and stresses of aerospace applications. Now it’s making those specialized coatings, insulators and electroplating technologies available to customers in industries ranging from aviation to oil drilling.

These treatments and materials shield components from extreme heat, increasing reliability, lengthening service times or boosting power density. Learn more about:

Thermal Barrier Coatings

Honeywell's Thermal Barrier Coating (TBC) systems that safeguard critical engine parts under the most demanding of operating conditions, proven effective in millions of hours of engine operations. 

High-temperature Wire Insulator

Honeywell's High-Temperature Wire Insulator (HTI) is chemically inert and not affected by fluid contamination, doubles heat at which motors and actuators can run up to 750º F, increasing power output, reliability, and durability while reducing maintenance and operating cost. 

Advanced Electroplating

Honeywell's Advanced Electroplating is corrosion and wear-resistant and allows drilling equipment to run longer without environmental concerns, high cost, or brittleness of competing technologies at a lower price. 

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Honeywell is honored to play a role in your innovation and growth, and we’re excited about what’s to come. Together we’re shaping the future of specialized coatings, insulators and electroplating technologies. Learn more about how our technologies support your business and click below to contact our dedicated account team.

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