Safe Kids at Home Volunteers, You Are the Best! Joyous Moments!

On March 4, six volunteers from Honeywell China Indirect COE team went to Mingqiang No.2 Primary School in Shanghai and carried out a safety education to the Grade 3 students at the school hall. The interactive teaching was welcomed by the students and teachers. “Happy to see that teachers are paying more and more attention to safety education and we are proud to bring safety knowledge to those school kids,” said Lisa Jiang, one of the volunteers.
This activity is one of the 19 volunteer in-school activities in this year’s Safe Kids at Home program.It has been 15 years since Honeywell first launched the Safe Kids at Home Program with Safe Kids Worldwide (China). Till 2018, this program has benefited more than 3.96 million students from over 9,200 primary schools in 54 cities in China. We wouldn’t achieve those results without you -- Honeywell volunteers’ great efforts. To date, more than 1,300 Honeywell volunteers have taken active part in safety education activities. Thank you, volunteers! You are the best!

2019 Safe Kids at Home volunteer activities will continue until the end of March. Join us to help more children establish safety awareness and learn safety knowledge! Click here to enroll, we will train you and equip you with the program tool kits! Please visit Safe Kids at Home official website or Honeywell HHS official website to learn more details and download the full set safety education teaching materials.

This year, Honeywell volunteers have carried out in-classroom interactive lectures in Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing, Shenyang, Taicang, Zhangjiagang, etc., bringing safety knowledge to students and teaching them how to better protect themselves. Please scroll up to view exciting moments of those activities.

from left to right: Yifu Primary School, Kangning Science and Technology Experimental Primary School, Mingqiang No.2 Primary School, Zhuyuan Primary School in Shanghai

from left to right: Rae Family Day, Tongxing Kindergarten, Violet Kindergarten, Kid Castle Preschool in Shanghai

from left to right: Li Yueer Preschool in Beijing, Cuipingshan Primary School in Nanjing

from left to right: Fengdu County No.1 Primary School in Chongqing, Xiangwanfeng Community in Tianjin

from left to right: LISA English School in Shenyang (Shenying Campus), Jingmao Primary School in Taicang, Zhongxing Primary School in Zhangjiagang

You could also become a Safe Kids at Home ambassador. Scan (via WeChat) the QR code below to join the safety knowledge relay and win cool prizes!