Bravo! Honeywell China Honored 2019 Best Company for Female Executives

At 2019 Global Women and Future Conference held in Shanghai yesterday, Honeywell China was honored 2019 Best Companies for Female Executives Gold Award for its balanced promotion and succession plan, distinguished women’s network and a strong culture of diversity and inclusion. 

The award was created to celebrate the exceptional companies in China that identify,promote and support women reaching to the top. 

"This award came to us as a surprise,but it did reflect Honeywell's continuous efforts to build a professional team of diversity and advocate female leadership," said Eva Shen,Honeywell China Country HR Director." Three years ago, we initiated 'China Women's Council'. Through quarterly events themed “to be a better me", we naturally fostered a high-engaging culture to empower women. As a result, we've seen an increasing number of female employees in our leadership team. Women are exerting more and more influence while advancing the company's growth and development."

2019 Global Women and Future Conference was hosted by sHero, an organization with a mission to empower women and advocate diversity. 

Eva Shen, Honeywell China Country HR Director received the award