Honeywell’s Smart Technology Supports SinoChem’s Sennics to Build Intelligent Plant

Tongling, Anhui, China, 2019 June 27th - Sennics and Honeywell held an event “Fine Chemical’s Digital Transformation” at Sennics’s Tongling Plant in Anhui on June 27. With the completion of the automation transformation and the successful deployment of Honeywell's Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) Phase I project, Sennics, a company under the SinoChem, can acquire enough data on manufacturing and operation from its plant at Tongling, an eastern city of China, and further advance the plant’s goal to become a intelligent plant.

With Honeywell's Manufacturing Execution Systems, Sennics Tongling plant not only achieves the efficient manufacturing operation management and the intelligent manufacturing, but more importantly, enhances the comprehensive operational excellence and profitability, which contributes to its digital transformation. Sennics regards digital transformation as an important support for the company’s management and strategy upgrade.

Liu Hongsheng, the general manager of SinoChem International, the chairman of Sennics, said:” From the 19th National Congress report, China is developing to be the “Manufacturing Powerhouse”, accelerating the development of advanced manufacturing, boosting the integration of the internet, big data, artificial intelligence with the real economy. SinoChem advocates the core value of “In Science We Trust”, we are very pleased to cooperate with Honeywell in the field of fine chemicals to continuously enhance the competitiveness during the course of digital transformation.”

Sennics is the world's leading service provider of Polymer Additives. Sennics Anhui Plant is the third largest manufacturing base of Sennics. With the outstanding achievements in IT construction, Sennics Anhui Plant was selected by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as the pilot enterprise in “2017 Integration Management System of  Informationlization and Industrialization” .

William Yu, Honeywell China President, said: “Honeywell has signed a cooperation agreement with Sinochem to support the digital transformation of fine chemicals in China at the China International Import Expo (CIIE) in November 2018. Today, we are honored to show the results of the cooperation. As a global high-tech enterprise, Honeywell continues to improve its level of intelligent manufacturing in China, and actively supports ‘Intelligent Plus’ initiative proposed by the Chinese government report in 2019 to empower the manufacturing transformation and upgrading.”

Honeywell provided the manufacturing execution system solutions for Tongling plant. The solution offers the Distributed Control Systems (DCS) to collect the real-time data of the whole plant including the integrate ground-level data, the SAP data, the packaging production data and the quality data, etc., establishes a whole-plant data center and a unified information publishing platform which shows the situation of process control, quality inspection data, production operation status, the completion status of production order and inventory status of the whole plant. After the manufacturing execution system was put into operation, Sennics’ Tongling plant realized that both the automation of material entry and exit operations and the quality inspection efficiency increased by 30%, and the inventory efficiency increased by 78%, and labor cost focusing on statistics decreased by over 60%.

Su Fu, the Deputy General Manager of Sinochem International, CEO of Sennics, said: “Honeywell’s manufacturing execution system helps Sennics Anhui Plant standardize manufacturing operations, simplify manufacturing management processes, improve enterprise management efficiency, and improve the interoperability between departments to ensure the successful implementation of the intelligent plant project.”

Chen Yan, vice president and general manager of Honeywell Process Solutions Greater China, said: “Based on the situations of China's chemical industry, Honeywell's manufacturing execution system is dedicated to helping enterprises both realize the digitization, automation and intelligentization of the manufacturing process management and the lean production, informationlization, transparency and intelligence of manufacturing process management on the same platform. I am very pleased that we have been working closely with Sennics to drive the digital transformation and the intelligence manufacturing transformation.”