"2019 Honeywell IIoT Business Application Competition" Finals Results Announced

On August 24th, the "2019 Honeywell IIoT Business Application Competition" finals award ceremony was held at Sichuan University. Based on the "National University Student IIoT Design Competition”, the competition aims to encourage and recognize the team of using the Niagara Framework® which is the open IIoT software framework owned by Tridium. Since the launching in April this year, many positive responses have been received from university teachers and students. Eight teams were selected for the finals. Tridium is a wholly owned subsidiary of Honeywell.

Group photo of the winner teams

The total number of teams using the Niagara Framework® technology platform in this competition has reached a high record, covering smart agriculture, smart buildings, smart chains, smart plants, smart healthcare and many other topics. The first prize were achieved by the “Niagara Technology-Based Intelligent Unmanned Aquaculture System” project from Harbin Normal University and Beijing University of Technology’s “Niagara Framework-based Air Quality Monitoring System” project; East China University of Science and Technology’s “Cloud AI and the Smart Home Scene-based Smart Mirror” project and the “Design of Intelligent Control System of the Basketball Hall Based on Niagara” from the Tianjin Institute of Software Engineering won the “Best Business Value Award”; four other projects won the “Most Commercial Potential Award”. The “Most Popular Team Award” was finally achieved by the “Laboratory Multi-mode Security Situation Monitoring Cloud Platform” project from Sichuan University.

This year's competition was judged by standards such as practicality, innovation, integrity, business value, and the application of Niagara Framework® technology. One of the top 8 teams in the finals has a simulated space plant cabin environment management system that can transmit the collected data and images of plant growth and its surrounding environment to botanists for testing guidance and data analysis; some teams focus on intelligent aquaculture management to form a smart unmanned farming system from baby to sending into market; some projects focus on medical services, designing a robotic system solution that replaces nurses to deliver patients or elderly with their own drugs, using face recognition to do machine start-up, multi-machine communication and other functions; other projects focus on laboratory safety incidents, and set up a complete laboratory safety situation monitoring system.

Cenger Chen, Senior Marketing Manager of Tridium APAC, “Glad to see so many university students joined the competition by applying Niagara to make their innovations. Tridium is dedicated to train more IIoT talents in China. Meanwhile, we have established Tridium Core Expert Team. We believe that this expert team can serve as a good platform to support student to learn leading IIoT technologies, and expand their IIoT skillset.”

Professor Chen Liangyin from Sichuan University, “I am very grateful to Tridium for helping our students to display their talents and passions in the field of IIoT, giving them access to industry-leading technology platforms. We believe that through cooperation with Tridium, we can better inspire students' creativity and cultivate their sense of collaboration and practical ability, which benefits the future of IIoT industry construction and social development. "

Li Pengcheng, a student from Beijing University of Technology, said, "I am very honored to get the first prize of the '2019 Honeywell IIoT Business Application Competition'. Thanks for Tridium experts helping us in the development process of our project. The open platform provided by Niagara, the IIoT software framework is rich in functions and simple in development process, which allows us to quickly realize the concept of a complete IIoT solution. I hope that there will be more opportunities to learn leading technology about IIoT to achieve new breakthroughs in the future."

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